Get involved

At Aruabits we have several areas that you can get involved as follows;


Are you a young person who has passion for computers, technology, entrepreneurship and keen to improve their life skills? Then apply to join us.


We source for people who love to share what they are doing without expecting a pay but rather have the passion of impacting positively to the lives of youth who aspire to be web gurus, entrepreneurs, project managers, photo and video editors etc.

Cultural exchange

Aruabits aims for African youth to become champions of information and technology. Creating content about their own cultural context and searching for information they can use to accomplish their goals. Aruabits students contribute towards creating a positive media image of youth living in rural areas areas, to the rest of the world. Accessing the internet gives the students the chance to learn about the rest of the world. Several activities lead to cultural exchange for our organization and for our students.

Provide internship

Credible organizations/companies looking for an intern with the passion, dedication and innovation to work as part of your team, can contact us for partnership We train students on the latest products in web design, development and processes including concepts of photography and video editing. If you are wondering where to source for interns who have the skills, passion and dedication for technology, Aruabits is the place to get them.


Aruabits welcomes the services of organizations working with young people in areas like life skills program, psychosocial and reproductive health support.

Other services offered at Aruabits

  • Professional Motion design services
  • Graphics designing and printing
  • Web and graphics designing
  • Web development
  • Corporate customized trainings and consultancies
  • IT consultancy services

Are you a young person who has the love for computers, technology, entrepreneurship and who is keen to improve your life skills? Are you looking for a reputable youth institution to learn skills that would take you to the next level? You are at the right place!

At Aruabits we have simple guidelines that we use to select students who diverse the chance to learn this vital skills that are almost required in all careers in the 21st century.

We appreciate and acknowledge everyone’s enthusiasm to learn and be part of the large Aruabits family, but we can only serve those that are within our definition which is stated clearly in our mission and vision statement.

If you are interested, please contact us!

To increase their competitiveness in the job market, Aruabits trains the youth in life skills, entrepreneurship, Sexual Reproductive Health and seeks to stimulate their creativity through moulding personal talents. As a result, Aruabits seeks to ensure that the beneficiaries apply the technology in their own specific situations.

Aruabits therefore, seeks to partner with companies and organizations to find job and internship placements for the youth who have successfully graduated as web designers and developers. This partnership is geared towards empowering the youth and increasing their job competitiveness in the ICT sector.

Aruabits will be happy to partner with your organization in this worthy endeavor aimed at reducing poverty among the young people in the Uganda.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further clarifications or comments about this program.

Our training curriculum is practical oriented and regularly revised to reflect the current developments in the web industry and enables the youth to develop their social skills.

To get to know other cultures, cultural exchange programs are organized, involving youth organizations. This consists of international collaboration of artists, cultural exchange projects, development of educative material, exhibitions and projects to promote exchange and working with mass media. The ultimate objective is to influence the media image of Africa and the slum youth.

If you are looking for exchange students through chat sessions or cultural exhibition, kindly contact us.

Would like to volunteer with us?

Key objectives of our Volunteership program:

  • To enhance the capacity development in the areas of training, innovation, creativity and administration.
  • To provide technical support to the KampaBits team.
  • To enhance cross cultural learning through exchanging skills in multimedia or other related fields.

The main objective of Aruabits establishing the volunteer-ship program is to help with facilitation of peer to peer learning and skills transfer which shall enable us to bridge the gaps that emerge in the dynamic field of ICT thus expanding our outreach by connection with experts through volunteer-ships. KampaBits team and the volunteers will get a chance to learn new skills while embracing diversity in many forms.

Currently we are looking for people who have the time, skills, passion and expertise in web and mobile technology with great emphasis on current ICT trends. To explore as many avenues as possible we are also open to accommodate other skills or expertise which is not mentioned.

So if you are visiting Uganda and you have some hours to tour the beautiful Town of Arua; bordering Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo and Republic of Southern Sudan, you can share some hours by changing someone's life through conducting a motivational or educational session at KampaBits.

"Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.”
~Elizabeth Andrew

Who can apply?

  • Local experts in ICT or related field.
  • International experts in ICT or related field.
  • College and Univesity students in ICT or related field.
  • Employees and employers of any ICT company or related field.
  • Potential / current partner organizations.
  • And any creative or innovative person either an artist, designer, programmer, photographer etc.

How to apply

Contact us and tell us how you would like to support us. We are looking forward to your message!