About us

Aruabits is a youth based social enterprise that uses ICT multimedia creatively to improve the lives of less privileged youth from the non-formal settlement. The target population for Aruabits is vulnerable youth mostly in West Nile, Uganda. These youth are faced with many socio-economic challenges that hinder them from progressing in life and making meaningful contribution to their societies. Key among these challenges is Lack of employment which leaves the youth idle and despaired and leads them to engaging in vices such as drug abuse, prostitution, theft among others. The major cause of unemployment among these youth is their inability to access skills and funds.

Aruabits is offering ICT training for these youth to give them skills to enable them engage in gainful income generating activities. The training is conducted in three levels/stages which include taught theory and practicals’ and hands on training through internship. The training curricula is based on creativity and encompasses marketable applications including web-design and development. The beneficiaries are also offered entrepreneurship training to give them self-reliance skills in business planning and management. This gives them capacity to develop and actualize ideas and engage in self-employment. The programm also aims at linking these youth to financial facilities to enable them access funds to start and strengthen their own innovative ideas.

Life skills’ training is another key component of the capacity building objective. The age of the beneficiaries coupled with the environment where they live predisposes them to social challenges especially concerning sexual reproductive health, etiquette, drugs and relationships. This training addresses these issues giving the youth capacity to cope with the social environment both at the workplace and in their communities and to enable them pass on the skills to other youth they interact with.


"Existing to positively change the lives of vulnerable youth by improving their ability to contribute to their socio-economic well-being through creativity and innovation using ICT".


"Leveraging on technology to transform lives".

Core values

  • Innovation:embracing the latest tools in technology and adapting constantly to the world around us in order to develop a wide range of digital content.
  • Relevance: training real-life skills that are in line with business needs in order to gain a better access to job markets and make a difference to others.
  • creativity: practiced as the process of creation, of constructing one’s own identity and of going in new directions.

At Aruabits we have a dedicated, passionate team which works around the clock to achieve the strategic goals of the organization. The team has experiences from diverse sectors; for example project management, youth development, ICT and creativity etc. The team always makes sure that they keep upto date emerging technologies and skills that trickles back to the students. This is with the aim of making sure the graduates are able to adapt and cope with their economic and social challenges.

The best thing about our team is that it is composed of experienced personel and professionals who have attained credentials from reputable Universities and Colleges.

Ocen Godwin


Odabo John

IT Trainer

Minzira Concy

Assistant IT Trainer

Andama Samuel

Assistant IT Trainer

Class of 2015

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